Delovely has been making candles since 2007. We use pure soy wax and South Australia Beeswax to make seamless beautifully burning candles made in the beautiful Adelaide Hill of Mount Pleasant.

There are so many candles on the market and many clients say how they love how well the scents perform in their homes, how well they burn and that they last so long.

Read some of our testimonials here:

Well I went to visit my lovely sister one time. She is hard to buy for, I don't like giving presents that will gather dust. She also has a lovely garden of roses which supplies vases in her house and makes it smell devine. I took the rose scented candle - but I was in a bit of trepidation as to whether she would like it or not - having the real deal around all the time. Well she thought it was devine! Even doubled back as we were leaving one day to spread a little on her hands. I thought that truely showed how true to life the scents are! Thanks Sarah for the perfect gift.

Andrea Connock

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