Pro-Lift Serum Expression Line Reduction


Many lines and wrinkles are caused from expression and reduction of our collagen and elastin. That is why many people will make the decision the have injections such a botox or fillers to either fill the line or paralyze the muscle so that it cannot form the line. If you would to avoid fillers and retain the natural character of your face for longer incorporate this serum into your daily morning routine!



Topical treatment for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkle visibility. Helps blurs expression lines.

Smart Delivery System - Myocept – advanced peptide in a selective delivery system. Helps reduce muscle contractions and blurs visibility of wrinkles.

Nio Oligo – hyaluronic acid and hyaluronidaze inhibitors complex reduces depth of wrinkles.

Argilerine - peptide that reduces the release of acetylcholine and blurs expression lines.



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