Years ago having beautiful make up free skin seemed impossible to even imagine.

While drawing the curtains to do my makeup I would try to darken the reality that my skin was covered in acne. Tears, cancelled outings, hands strategically placed on my face to hide the latest massive pimple that seemed to emerge like an angry viking overnight.

Searching, grasping and trying every thing I could find, read or take as hope slowly faded with each failed attempt.

I’m an optimistic person and don’t give up easily but this…. this was really hard.  Feeling like I had no control over thing thing had taken over my face.

My face of all places, where a scarf, long sleeve top or pants couldn’t cover.
Then I studied my first degree in beauty therapy. Finally I was in spas and skin clinics with access to people who had been in the industry for so many more year than me. Still no one really had an answer and because they hadn't had acne, and it just, wasn’t something they focused on.

So I decided to go camacarzie and decode all things skin diseases and acne. I  qualified in Skin Diagnostics and finally I understood what was going on and even though it wasn’t an quick overnight solution, I now knew what direction to take.

Fast forward a year and my skin was blemish free, my scars finally had an opportunity to heal and now 10 years on people can’t even believe I ever had acne.

I can wear my healthy skin and NO MAKEUP. Some days I can barely believe how happy I am with my skin which shows me EXACTLY HOW emotionally impacting skin diseases and acne are.

Life is always changing and sometimes it shows up on our skin.

It's not because you don't wash your face, or because you don't try so please...... Be kind to yourself and your skin.

Get professional help.

If it be dry flaky patches, rocecea, acne, redness, gritty bumpy skin, stingy itchy skin, pigmentation, tightness, premature aging. I'm here to take the overwhelm out of this skin thing - so you know what works for YOU!

This isn’t forever. We've got this.

I just can't wait to work with you.

Much love.